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ToneShapers Kit, Speed Knob Set, Amber, Cream Tip

ToneShapers Kit, Speed Knob Set, Amber, Cream Tip

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Our quality Gibson-style knob kits are just what you need to replace the knobs on a Gibson guitar. They include knobs with the correct 24 teeth to fit either CTS or CGE pots as used in most Gibson USA production for decades. We also include a genuine Switchcraft switch tip that works perfectly on the Switchcraft switches Gibson uses.

If you're replacing the electronics in an imported guitar like Epiphone, Burny, or Tokai with one of our ToneShaper wiring kits, then you'll need one of these knob sets as well. The pots used in imported guitars have 18 teeth, and the switches have metric threads. Our kits are designed for the CTS & Switchcraft switches included in our Gibson wiring kits.

Available in 12 colors, our knob sets help you find just the look you want!

  • These knobs fit 24-tooth CTS & CGE pot shafts, and install properly on Gibson guitars
  • Embossed numbers like the vintage originals
  • Our knobs - made in Japan - are higher quality than many of the cheap replacement knobs on the market
  • Genuine Switchcraft switch tip included, threads onto any Switchcraft switch like those used in ToneShaper wiring kits
  • Upgrading Epiphone electronics with one of our wiring kits? Convenient kit gets you the right parts at the right price - no searching, no confusion
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